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Save with a veterinary ultrasound rental starting at $500/month
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  • Overnight ultrasound rentals
  • Mobile CT, mobile MRI, and C-Arm rentals
  • Expert technical and customer support
  • Nationwide delivery right to your doorstep

Why Ultrasound Rental is Right for Vet Clinics

Whether ultrasound, MRI, or CT, renting your veterinary imaging equipment serves as an intelligent solution for acquiring top-level diagnostic imaging technology without having to pay the high capital expenses.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of both long- and short-term rental contracts, including weekly rentals, and our expert technicians safely deliver and install the equipment in your veterinary clinic. We will get your equipment to you efficiently, help get your imaging services up-and-running, and ensure continual technical support.

As a result, no matter if you’re fulfilling a short-term need, such as a malfunctioning ultrasound, or testing the viability of ultrasound renting, we can help provide the right solution for you. Our available vet imaging equipment rentals include new and refurbished, FDA-certified ultrasounds, CT scanners, and MRI machines from leading manufacturers such as SonoSite, Chison, GE, Siemens, Philips, and more.

Not sure about the veterinary equipment rental that’s right for you? By calling Providian Medical, our expert will work with you and your veterinary clinic’s needs to help you get the right equipment at the right price, and for your specific needs.

Mobile CT and MRI Rentals

When renting a mobile CT scanner or MRI machine, we can outfit scanner in a specially made, shielded trailer, allowing you to use a CT or MRI scanner without needing to build a separate, shielded imaging room.

Rental Costs for Veterinary Ultrasounds, CTs, and MRIs

One of the main benefits of renting veterinary imaging equipment is that you don’t have to put up the large capital expenses that you’d need when purchasing. And due to Providian Medical’s fast delivery and installation, you can get your equipment running quickly so that you can start scanning patients.

With regards to rental costs, the cost of the ultrasound, CT, or MRI rental depends on several factors. Some general pricing guidelines to consider include:

  • Veterinary ultrasound rentals start at $500/month, or even lower for weekly rentals.
  • Weekly veterinarian CT rentals can range from $14,000 to $21,000
  • Monthly veterinarian CT rentals can range from $18,000 to $39,000

By renting an ultrasound, CT scanner, or MRI machine from Providian Medical, you can give your veterinary clinic or hospital the possibility for better animal care with advanced technology.

For a complete price quote regarding the equipment you need, call a vet imaging expert today at (888) 284-1441.