ProvidianVet Why Don’t We Show Pricing?
Why Don’t We Show Pricing?
Beware of misleading pricing online
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We’ve found a great way to disappoint customers:

Display prices online.

We’ve tried many methods, and found that there simply isn’t a great way to display accurate pricing that satisfies everyone.

There are two choices in displaying prices online:

  1. Display an unrealistically low price, just like the other guys online. They give the lowest possible price typically using a cheap probe and limited configuration.
  2. Show an accurate (higher) price with a price that more likely fits your custom situation.

In the first situation, you’ll quickly realize you’ve been misled when your actual price quote is much higher than what was listed.

In the second situation, even though the price is realistic, people won’t call because we look like we’re price gouging.

Finally, prices are a moving target, especially when used equipment is involved. We’ve seen price swings of up to 150% in just a few weeks. In this case, it’s nearly impossible to provide an accurate price consistently.

The best way to get accurate, realistic pricing is to call one of our sales experts today. Ultrasounds must be custom-configured for your needs, and that It’s free and there’s no obligation or high pressure.

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