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Find diagnostic imaging equipment for scanning exotic animals
  • Choose from a large inventory of top-rated, affordable ultrasounds and probes
  • Improve diagnostic imaging accuracy and care for rabbits, reptiles, birds, wildlife, and more
  • Expert support available to find the right ultrasound for your vet clinic's budget and needs
  • Ultrasound rentals starting at $500/month.
  • Get diagnostic imaging equipment service and repair for long-term, reliable performance

Why Ultrasound for Exotic Animal Imaging

Ultrasound has proved to be an effective method for helping diagnose multiple types of rabbits, birds, snakes, turtles, frogs, and many other exotic animals. With the right transducer for your unit, you’ll be able to achieve in-depth images of the animal’s’ internal organs, useful in evaluating heart conditions, determining abdominal issues, and assisting in the recognition of cysts and tumors.

Through real-time visualization, exotic animal ultrasound is also ideal for pregnancy diagnosis and development monitoring.

Featured Ultrasounds for Exotic Animals

Veterinary Ultrasound Rentals Starting at $500/month

While many veterinary ultrasounds are available for purchase at an affordable price, there are many benefits to renting. For one, you can start scanning exotic animals without the upfront capital expenses required when buying. You can also test the costs, benefits, and uses of ultrasonography technology in your veterinary clinic for a low price.

And when renting from Providian Vet, you can expect fast, reliable delivery. No matter where you’re veterinary clinic is located in the United States, you’ll receive your veterinary ultrasound right on your doorstep. Overnight delivery is available when needed, but you can generally expect to receive your ultrasound within a couple days.

Contacting Providian Vet for Your Exotic Animal Ultrasound

By contacting Providian Vet, our support team will work with you to find the right ultrasound for your veterinary clinic’s needs and budget. Call a vet imaging expert today at (877) 959-3725.

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