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Answers to common questions about purchasing or renting veterinary ultrasound
Quick Answers
  • Ultrasound rentals start at $500/month
  • Providian is a direct supplier. No "middleman" costs
  • Expert technical and customer support available
  • Nationwide delivery right to your doorstep

How much will an ultrasound or veterinary diagnostic equipment cost?

Ultrasound equipment and diagnostic imaging have become standard among many veterinarians. Although the costs for veterinary ultrasounds have gone down over the years, there are still many factors that determine the price. These factors include the manufacturer and model, the transducers or ancillary gear available, and the features included with your diagnostic imaging equipment.

When it comes to the top three ultrasound machines under $5,000, the most asked-for B+W machines include the Chison Eco3, the SonoScape A6, and the Mindray DP50.


What are some of the top ultrasound machines for veterinarians?

Some of the most popular and asked-for veterinary ultrasounds include:

  • Chison EBit 50
  • Chison Q5
  • GE Logiq e
  • GE Vivid i
  • GE Vivid 7
  • GE Vivid E95
  • SonoSite M-Turbo
  • SonoScape S8
  • SonoScape S8 Exp
  • SonoScape S9
  • Mindray M7

Call Providian Vet for pricing on all other ultrasounds.


How can an ultrasound help your veterinary practice?

Ultrasounds and other diagnostic imaging equipment can help expand your practice offerings by addressing common needs in veterinary imaging, including:

  • Abdominal and reproduction imaging for dogs and cats
    • Feline Cystoscopies
  • Farm animals
    • Reproduction imaging for equine and bovine
    • MSK imaging for horses
  • Veterinary care for exotic animals (birds, turtles, fish, and more)
  • Imaging for research purposes


Why choose Providian Medical over the others?

System availability — We have hundreds of veterinary ultrasounds from the 15 top manufacturers in the industry. We are a direct supplier as well, which means there are no “middleman” costs. By going direct, you’ll not only save on your purchase or rental, but you’ll also get direct contact with the experts who know these machines best.

Expert support for veterinarians — We are a vendor-neutral provider and we offer unbiased opinions on a variety of equipment. This allows you to get the right equipment for your budget and clinical imaging needs, and not waste money on features you don’t need. Also, we provide video training and online guides for many machines, and our real-time customer support team is available 24/7.

We have sold over 7000 ultrasounds over 10 years. We know diagnostic imaging in and out.

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