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Ultrasound for Small Animal Imaging

Using ultrasound for diagnostic imaging has several benefits for small animals, such as dogs, cats, and other pets. By taking images of the dog or cat, vets can better decipher the problem and find reliable, fast solutions for a wide range of veterinary clinical needs.

Through the right ultrasound equipment and transducers, you can conduct examinations for reproductive, abdominal, cardiac, oncological, and more. Other applications for a small animal ultrasound include:

  • Pet pregnancy
  • Estimates of litter counts
  • Abdominal fluid examinations
  • Organ health
  • Tumors
  • And many others

Featured Ultrasounds for Domestic Animals

Getting the Right Probes for Your Dog/Cat Ultrasound Machine

The veterinary ultrasound transducer (probe) is an essential part of the system you use. Many ultrasounds include a list of compatible probes, but it’s important to understand the different types of probes, and why they’re necessary for the types of scans you need to take.

For instance, with the right ultrasound, a 50mm linear probe is suitable for reproductive imaging among bovine and farm animals. For domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, you can achieve improved reproductive imaging with a high-frequency MicroConvex probe, usually up to 8-10 MHz.

Featured CT Scanners for Domestic Animals

CT and MRI for Scanning Small Animals

Like ultrasound, CT and MRI use in veterinary clinics is a growing field, where an increasing amount of vets are using these machines for the diagnosis and treatment of issues related to organs, muscles, bones, or other internal body parts.

Some benefits of a veterinary CT scanner include:

  • Finding the precise location of tumors, which is helpful in the planning of surgery
  • Identifying various cancers in dogs, cats, and other domestic animals
  • Evaluating nasal disease in dogs and cats with chronic nasal discharge
  • Helping vets understand orthopedic abnormalities

Featured MRI Machines for Domestic Animals

Veterinary MRI is also useful in diagnosing:

  • Neurologic conditions (seizures, paralysis, etc)
  • Spinal conditions (arthritis, spinal tumors, etc)
  • Joint problems (ligament tears, arthritis, etc)
  • Abdominal and pelvic disorders (tumors, cysts, etc)
  • Sinus disorders (infections, cysts, tumors)
  • Eye disorders (tumors, infections)
  • Other brain and spine issues

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