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  • Providian has compared 100’s of veterinary ultrasound models from the top 15 manufacturers
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  • Refurbished, FDA-approved vet ultrasounds for domestic animals and pets, equine/bovine and farm animals, and exotic animals

Diagnostic imaging is a growing market in the veterinary industry, and with decreasing prices on equipment from top manufacturers, many refurbished veterinary ultrasounds today are more affordable for small- to medium clinics and for a wide range of veterinary medicine applications.

Over 10 years, Providian has sold over 7,000 ultrasounds and, as a result, we know ultrasounds and diagnostic imaging better than anyone. By working with you and your clinical and diagnostic imaging needs, we’ll make sure you get the right ultrasound system and probes with a budget you can work with.

Below is a guide to help you get a better idea of available ultrasounds and their corresponding vet applications. Our free library of online training facilitate a quick and fast setup and operation, but for immediate assistance, call our Providian Vet system specialists today at 866-417-9152.

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Ultrasounds for Pet Medicine: What Do They Cost?

Ultrasound equipment is becoming increasingly important in veterinary medicine, and reduced prices for refurbished ultrasounds has made adding diagnostic animal imaging a reality for today’s small- and mid-sized clinics and hospitals.

By balancing your diagnostic imaging needs and budget, we can help add an affordable, refurbished ultrasound to your practice offerings, at a price that works for your vet clinic and is appropriate for achieving a positive ROI.

Over the years, Providian Vet has built exclusive relationships with top manufacturers, creating buying power and passing those savings onto veterinarians across the U.S. Additionally, by browsing our refurbished veterinary ultrasound systems, you can acquire FDA-approved diagnostic equipment at a fraction of the price.

Veterinary Ultrasounds for Under $8,000

Many veterinarians can achieve an optimal level of ultrasonography care with a black and white veterinary ultrasound that costs under $8,000. Engineered as small animal ultrasounds for dogs, cats, and other pets, the top asked-for vet machines include:

Ultrasound Rentals

Need a veterinary ultrasound system for a limited period of time?

Want to test an ultrasound machine to see if it’s viable for your clinic?

By renting an ultrasound as opposed to buying, and with prices as low as $500/month, you have a real solution for applying modern ultrasonography techniques with popular and widely used equipment.

We offer flexible rental contracts, whether you want the ultrasound for one day, one week, one month, three months, six months, or one year. The longer the rental term, however, the better the monthly price.

Ultrasound Shipping and Delivery

Whether purchasing or renting a refurbished veterinary ultrasound, we ship the diagnostic imaging equipment to your doorstep and provide expert, 24/7 support throughout the entire process.

Overnight delivery is also available as long as we receive the rental request before 3pm EST.

Veterinary Ultrasound Probes

An ultrasound machine is only as good as its probe, and Providian Medical has a complete inventory of high-quality probes from manufacturers such as GE, HP, Toshiba, Sonosite, Philips and many others.

A quality probe serves as a fundamental diagnostic tool when scanning your patients, from conducting standard animal ultrasounds to abdominal ultrasound procedures on pets to lugging a portable system to the farm for an on-site diagnostic exam. We offer a wide range of lightweight, durable ultrasound probes, including endorectal, linear, (micro)convex, phased array, low frequency, high frequency, and many other types.

Service and Repair

Like any other machine, an ultrasound can break down and require a little TLC. Unfortunately, when an ultrasound malfunctions or demonstrates performance failures, you might not be able to conduct this important service offering at your veterinary clinic.

Providian Medical is here to help, and over 10 years, we’ve developed highly innovating service, repair, and maintenance methods to limit your downtime to 24 hours. Through our in-house repair and maintenance department (as well as a large network of system specialists located throughout the United States and abroad), we offer both on site repair and repair and return services on most ultrasound systems, probes/transducers, and more.

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