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GE Vivid E95 Veterinary Ultrasound

The GE Vivid E95 veterinary ultrasound is a premium cardiac system designed for giving you the advanced, high-resolution imaging. No matter the species or the animal size, the GE Vivid E95 provides fast, accurate visualization of illnesses, injuries, pregnancies, and more.

With regards to its image quality, the Vivid E95 features cSound, a powerful, software beamformer image reconstruction platform for exceptional 2D and 4D image quality. As a result, when imaging domestic animals, bovine, or exotic animals, you can expect clear images with high contrast and spatial resolution.

Furthermore, with its intelligent interface and ergonomic features, the Vivid E95 aims to increase your workflow efficiency.

Providian Medical’s Vivid e95 Ultrasound Machine Review

Because the cSound is a new technology, there’s bound to be bugs in the system for at least the first two years of its existence. This is the main reason you’ll want to purchase this on the refurbished market. The second reason is that a premium ultrasound system comes at a premium price.

It’s important to note that GE’s Vivid series clearly lives up to its “premium” label… in price and performance.

Since acquiring Vingmed many years ago, GE has consistently led the market in cardiovascular ultrasound, competing head-to-head with the other industry leader Philips.

The e95 continues the tradition of premium cardiac ultrasound.

Refurbished GE Vivid e95 Features

  • cSound beamforming technology
  • True Confocal imaging for TEE
  • Premium image quality
  • Stress Echo
  • XDClear probe technology
  • ACE Adaptive Contrast Enhancement
  • HDLive light-simulation in 4D
  • Triplane for simultaneous 3-plane imaging
  • Virtual Apex
  • AFI Automated Function Imaging
  • AFI Stress Automated Function imaging for Stress Echo
  • 4D Auto AVQ automatically segments, aligns and quantifies the aortic outflow tract
  • 4D Strain cardiac imaging
  • 22″ High Resolution OLED Monitor
  • 12″ LCD Adjustable Touchscreen
  • Adjustable Floating Keyboard
  • Data Management
  • Easy mobility
  • HIS Interface (HL7)
  • EMR interface (HL7)
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