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Mindray M7 Veterinary Ultrasound

When looking to get a lot of functionality out of one system, the Mindray M7 veterinary ultrasound makes an ideal choice. With a wide availability of probes and a hand-carried design, the M7 helps veterinarians achieve high-resolution imaging and efficient performance for domestic animal and bovine imaging, including imaging for nearly every animal size.

Just a few of the benefits of the M7 for vets include:

  • High-quality color Doppler imaging
  • Laptop-style, drop-tested chassis
  • Specialized measurement and analysis packages for different animals

  • High resolution 15” monitor with 170º viewing angle
  • Versatile transducer connectors

The Mindray M7 veterinary ultrasound provides outstanding detail and image quality due to technologies such as Phase Shift Tissue Harmonic imaging, iClear Adaptive Speckle Suppression, 3D imaging capabilities, and more.

Furthermore, the M7 seems as if it was designed with vets in mind, as this ultrasound includes an infection-resistant and sealed keyboard, an adjustable height stand, the ability for wired or wireless data transfers, and an overall ergonomic profile.

Providian Medical Mindray M7 Ultrasound Review:

The M7 is in a very crowded market for mid-range portable ultrasound devices. This Mindray ultrasound performs very well in general radiology and superficial imaging. Its vascular imaging provides excellent penetration and color Doppler. The M7 is one of the best systems in its price range for deep 2D penetration and color Doppler for vascular applications.

Refurbished Mindray M7 Features

  • High resolution 15” monitor with 170º viewing angle
  • Complete imaging and display modes including color, Power, CW, PW, M, & B with THI
  • 2D, 3D, and 4D images with color sensitivity
  • iClear Adaptive Speckle Suppression
  • Anatomic M-mode
  • Tissue Doppler
  • Phase Shift Tissue Harmonic imaging
  • Intima Media Thickness software
  • Ergonomic design
  • Seamless data management
  • Shared Services with CW Doppler
  • 1.5-hour lithium-ion battery
  • Anti-shock, and anti-splash features
  • Specialized measurement packages for different animals
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