ProvidianVet Ultrasound SIUI CTS-5500v Veterinary Ultrasound

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SIUI CTS-5500v Veterinary Ultrasound

The SIUI CTS-5500v veterinary ultrasound is a high-end digital ultrasound that, when combined with the right transducers, allows vets to perform a broad range of vet clinic applications. Just some of these applications include pregnancy scanning, abdominal scanning, and basic cardiology, for both large and small domestic animals as well as farm animals and exotic animals.

Offering black and white imaging, the CTS-5500v veterinary ultrasound also includes the following vet-friendly technologies:

  • Cine review up to 256 frames
  • Ability to save images to the internal hard drive and exported via CD, USB drive, or to a DICOM network
  • Non interlaced 10 inch monitor

Furthermore, with its 10.4-inch LCD screen, vets can benefit from clean and sharp images showing precision and detail for illnesses and injuries.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review:

The SIUI CTS-5500v is popular with our customers for a variety of applications. It has very good quality and its variety of transducers available allow great flexibility within your practice. Typically our customers purchase the 5500v veterinary ultrasound for injury diagnosis (joints, tendons), visualization of organs, cardiology, fertility, and ovarian growth.

New SIUI CTS-5500v Veterinary Features

  • Digital beam-forming technology
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Cine Review up to 256 frames
  • Dedicated veterinary software
  • Digital storage to internal hard drive
  • Export images via USB, CD, or DICOM
  • Automatic report creation
  • Backlit keyboard
  • High Definition Live Zoom
  • Dual probe connector
  • User defined function hotkey
  • User-defined annotations
  • IP one-key image optimizations for up to 8 parameters
  • Invertible Image Orientation
  • Smart Tracing for correction of area or circumference measurements
  • 5-frequency broadband transducers

Powerful System Features

  • Innovative high-definition Zoom function enables higher tissue resolution
  • PIP (picture-in-picture) functionality for easy zoom of a particular area while keeping the original image open
  • User-defined function key
  • Invertible image orientation
  • Enabled with smart tracing
  • IP One-Key optimization (includes 8 parameter adjustment)

Easy Document Management System

  • Quickly store data to hard disk, USB drive or DICOM
  • Multiple data storage formats: BMP, JPG, CIN & AVI
  • Use up to 300 annotations for recall
  • Offline diagnostic functionality allows for easy review & analysis anytime

Clinical Applications

  • Includes up to 7 calculations for fetal weight
  • 10 growth tables for tracking fetal growth curves
  • Fetal biophysical profile
  • Dominant follicle monitoring software/triplet analysis
  • More accuracy in diagnostic results thanks to OB equation setup specific to races


  • Software for residual urine measurement, prostate specific antigen density (PSAD) etc.


  • Hip joint measurements

High-Density Broadband 5-Frequency Probes

  • Switch probe frequency fast with the touch of a button
  • Quickly improve resolution and penetration for an optimized view
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