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SonoScape A6v Veterinary Ultrasound

The SonoScape A6v veterinary ultrasound has, for many years, remained as one of the best black & white ultrasounds within its price range. This professional, yet compact, veterinary ultrasound machine that offers reliable diagnostic imaging as well as a durable and user-friendly machine design.

In fact, the A6v weighs about 13 pounds and its image modes include tissue harmonic imaging, B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B. The A6v ultrasound also has 21 channels for improved image quality among the various image modes.

The large, 12-inch adjustable LCD monitor provides high-resolution images, which can help improve diagnostic accuracy as well as confidence. Additionally, with abundant software packages and professional veterinary transducers, including an adjustable 5 frequency selection for each rectal probe with working frequencies from 2.0 MHz to 12.0MHz, the SonoScape A6v ultrasound aims to ease the imaging process while reducing user fatigue.

When imaging animals on-site, the SonoScape A6v features a built-in battery, a strengthened case, anti-dust, and an anti-splash control panel, all of which help keep your A6v ultrasound in an optimal imaging condition.

Providian Medical SonoScape A6v Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Review

As a budget imaging machine, this does a nice job for small animals. Additionally, it has a linear transducer for bovine/equine fertility applications. This is among the more versatile veterinary ultrasounds because of its transducer capabilities and imaging capabilities.

Product Features

  • 12″ LCD Display
  • 2D, M-Mode
  • THI Tissue Harmonics Imaging
  • Cine memory, image memory
  • Dual USB 2.0
  • Internal Flash memory for image and patient data storage
  • PDF Reporting
  • Customizable controls and buttons
  • S-Video and VGA out
  • DICOM 3.0
  • Available cart and footswitch

Technical Specifications

  • HCU with LCD Monitor
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Image Modes: B, B/B. M, B/M, 4B, THI
  • Gray scale: 256
  • Transducer frequency: Up to 12 MHz
  • Transducer connectors: 2 (standard)
  • Digital Technology:
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
    • Digital Beam-forming (DBF)
    • M-turning, one-button optimization
    • 5 variable frequencies
    • Chroma function
  • Up to 180-degree scanning angle
  • Scanning depth up to 320 degrees

Image Processing

  • Pre-processing:
    • 8-segment TGC
    • Image processing
    • Dynamic range
    • Scanning angle
    • Power range
    • Image rotates at 90-degree intervals


  • Gray-mapping
  • Black/white inverse
  • Left-right inverse
  • Up-down reverse


  • Storage media soon offers 1 G of storage, USB drive and panoramic real-time zoom

Measurement & Calculation

  • B-mode: Distance circumference, area, volume, angle, fetal growth curve, prostate volume
  • M-mode: Distance, time, heart rate
  • Software packages include: Abdominal, gynecological, obstetrical, cardiological, small parts, urological

Additional Details

  • Peripheral port: S-video, VGA, two USB ports, footswitch, LAN print control
  • Power supply: 100-200VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 340mm X 340mm X 150mm (LxWxH)

Standard Configuration

  • A6 main unit
  • 12″ non-interlacing, no-flicker LCS monitors
  • Two standard active transducer connectors
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • 1G built-in flash storage
  • Two USB ports

Probe Options

  • Curved probe
  • C351 (2-6 MHz)
  • CS43 (3-8MHz)
  • L745 (5-12 MHZ)
  • L773 (5-11 MHZ)
  • 1012 (6-13 MHz)
  • L663V (4-9 MHz)
  • Micro-curved probe
  • C312 (2-5 MHz)
  • C612 (4-9MHz)
  • EC (4-9MHz)

Optional Accessories

  • Needle-guided bracket
  • 1:2 transducer converter
  • Footswitch
  • Mobile trolley
  • Carrying bag
  • B/W video printer
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